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Keupat Reundang is performed by Ciung Wulung traditional music group at Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Village during the Nganyaran event on 14 June 2013. The song consist of music made from Angklung Buncis, a bamboo musical instruments in which is played together with Dogdog, a bamboo percussion that is usually using deer skin as it’s membrane. Two ladies dancing and singing while others plays the music. They sang a song about the story of daily lives of villagers to accompanied the Nganyaran rituals; sometimes in freestyle approach.

Usually they performed in turn with other groups while the villagers at Kasepuhan Ciptagelar is practicing Nganyaran tradition. This particular event is one of special activities during the harvest time in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Village; were they grounding their first padi seeds during the harvest season of the year. In the background we can hear the sound of villagers grounding the padi seeds into a rice using Lesung that is made from solid wood. Sometimes they call this as as ‘ngagendek’, ‘ngagondang’, or ‘tutunggulan’, as they compose certain percussive rythm while grounding the padi seeds together with other villagers .

Kasepuhan Ciptagelar village is located at the deep forest of Halimun Mountain in which is also part of the Halimun National Park; around 40 km from Pelabuhan Ratu in West Java Province. Kasepuhan Ciptagelar is well-known for it’s indigenous culture that resemblance ancient Sundanese civilization; especially for it’s unique agriculture tradition. This particular village is also part of around 568 villages that are distributed widely around the hilly mountain at Halimun National Park. Their agriculture tradition is already known for very long time. One of the record saying that they have already had their first Seren Taun (Harvest year) back in 1368.