A message came through my bedroom window today. They came to take me down to the new world. They have said that we are going to visit the land of hope where dreams of freedom so loudly reverberated to the edge of the sky and the borders of the sea.

There they asked me to come to a temple where dreams and narratives about the freedom was being carved on a white marble stone.

They also invited me to come to a city were thousands of high buildings standing tall and ripped the sky and horizon where we all are. Here the people came to gather like ants and fireflies in a square almost everyday and everynight.

They invited me to come to a barren desert where the wild men stagger in the middle of the street for a glimpse of happiness. They seem to enjoy being in a crowd for a little while. But the rest, most of whom live alone and stay away from each other in their own house and territories.

Subsequently I was then invited to fly to an island located in the middle of the ocean. There I met with people who worship God with their own language.

On this journey I met a poet who likes to tell stories and write poems about love and human freedom. I also met many people who deliver numerous tales of truth and knowledge that encapsulates the life, happiness and sadness at the same time containing resentment and anger that felt so deep.

On this journey I felt the earth shaking, watching the sky boomed, and heard a forest has burned.

They have said that the land of freedom is a place where new worlds are being created. They have built it upon the old world in which was regarded as the world of darkness.

Yet there are traces in every story that are being told by the exiles as well as those who living in border. In addition the story also exist in every rhyme and paintings drawn by people who live on the streets.

Maybe someday you can also hear this story through the songs from the people of the island in which leaving us with tears and dream about the liyan’s dream and great expectations.

Meanwhile, the world could only bowed in silence.

Honolulu, 7 September 2011

* Translated from “Bertandang ke Tanah Harapan